Svalbards Environmental Protection Fund has NOK 8,7 million available for subsidy in 2015. Deadline for submitting applications for funding in the spring is the 15. September 2015.

The funds resources will be uses to initiate and stimulate good projects and initiatives with the purpose of looking after the lofty environmental goals which are set for Svalbard. The income from the fund ensures that Svalbard’s distinctive wilderness nature can be preserved as a basis for experiences, knowledge and value creation.

The funds recourses

The funds resources can only be used for initiatives in Svalbard with the purpose of protecting the environment.

The fund will be used for initiatives in the area for example, management and maintenance, restoring environmental degradation, mapping environmental conditions and investigations into what is causing changes to the environment. The fund can also be used for initiatives within information, training, and arrangements with the purpose of taking care of the natural environmental and cultural heritage in Svalbard.

Main priorities in 2015

In allocation of funding in 2015 the Svalbard Environmental Protection Fond will emphasize the following content in projects:

  • Understanding of climate change and its effects on the natural environment, cultural heritage and community planning. The significance of these changes for environmental management in Svalbard.
  • Industrial cultural heritage
  • Understanding of how climate change influence distribution and travel patterns
  • Environmental friendly outdoor recreation.
  • Information and knowledge about Svalbard's natural environment and cultural heritage focused in new ways of information especially aimed for children and young people.
  • Projects that promote sustainable tourism.
  • Projects which aim to ensure sustainable harvesting of wildlife in Svalbard. Projects that improve the knowledge base for the sustainable management of the harvest. 
  • Projects that promote the environmental by urban development, handling of waste, prevention and reduction of pollution in the settlements.


Private or public businesses, organizations and private individuals can apply for support from the environmental protection fund for initiatives and projects.


Svalbards Environmental Protection Fund uses the electronic application system run by Miljødirektoratet for submitting and processing applications for subsidy. The application system is available only in Norwegian language, but the guideline for electronic applications is available in English and it is also possible to submit applications and attachments written in English.  Please contact the funds administration at the Governor of Svalbards office for questions and help regarding your project idea.

All permits and enclosures must be attached when the application is submitted.

Deadline for applications:   15. September 2015.