Svalbard Environmental Protection Fund has up to NOK 25 million for project support in 2018.


Svalbard Environmental Protection Fund's purpose is to ensure that Svalbard's distinctive wilderness character and the unique cultural heritage is preserved as the basis of experience, knowledge and wealth creation. Visitors to Svalbard pay an environmental fee, and the revenue from the fee goes to Svalbard Environmental Protection Fund. The Fund also gets income from fees for hunting and fishing cards and fees and fines under the Svalbard Environmental Protection Act.

What can fund be used for?

The fund’s resources can only be used for initiatives in Svalbard with the purpose of protecting the natural environment and cultural heritage, and to projects with training and information purposes, cf. § 2 of the Statute of the Fund and regulations for grants from the Svalbard Environmental Protection Fund.

Main priorities in 2018

  • Projects that promotes sustainable tourism, recreation and experience around the larger communities in the Isfjord area.
  • Projects that ensures knowledge of the impact of climate change on the natural environment and cultural heritage, and the impact of climate change on the vulnerability of traffic and other local impacts.
  • Projects that promotes measures to protect the cultural heritage, with particular emphasis on projects that protect the cultural heritages that are exposed to the effects of climate change.
  • Projects that contributes to developing new forms of dissemination and spreading environmental information as well as raising awareness of Svalbard's natural and cultural environment among residents, children and young people and visitors.
  • Projects to protect natural and cultural environment through urban development, climate adaptation, waste management and the prevention and reduction of pollution, waste and marine litter.
  • Projects that contributes to low-emission solutions and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions as a result of operations in Svalbard.
  • Projects that help to improve the knowledge base for proper harvesting of wildlife and fish populations and the possibilities for local use of food resources in Svalbard.

Knowledge needs

The Norwegian Polar Institute has made an overview of knowledge needs for the environmental management in Svalbard. The overview is updated annually and available on The overview is only written in Norwegian.


Individuals, companies, NGOs and public organizations can apply for support from the Svalbard Environmental Protection Fund. Applicants are encouraged to contact the secretariat if they need guidance in the application process.


Applications must be submitted through the online application centre. Applicants must create a profile in the application centre to access the application form. Remember that all permits and attachments must be submitted together with the application. The application system is only available in Norwegian, but English guidelines are available. It is possible to submit applications and attachments in English. For further information about the application process, please contact the secretariat or visit

Application deadline: 1. February 2018